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Revolutionising Careers in Care & Support Work

At Kinder Caring, we are dedicated to reshaping the landscape of home care careers. Our diverse range of employment options is meticulously designed to align with the unique ambitions and life choices of care professionals. Whether it’s the consistency and support of employment or the freedom and flexibility of independent contracting, Kinder Caring’s innovative platform is tailored to nurture every aspect of your professional growth.

A dependable support community you can trust

Nurturing Stability and Growth in Employment

Seamless Employee Integration and Support

Kinder Caring is committed to providing a nurturing environment for employees seeking various levels of engagement, from casual to full-time positions. Our sophisticated web application facilitates a seamless connection between employees and clients, managing shift assignments and handling administrative duties like payroll, superannuation, and taxes efficiently. This streamlined process allows our employees to dedicate themselves to what truly matters – delivering exemplary care with the backing of Kinder Caring’s comprehensive support.

A dependable support community you can trust

Championing Autonomy in Independent Contracting

Crafting Your Independent Career

Kinder Caring champions the spirit of independence by offering robust support to contractors on our platform. Independent contractors relish the freedom to set their own rates and cultivate their client base, all within Kinder Caring’s framework of fair and transparent pricing. This empowerment not only provides autonomy but also ensures equitable conditions for both our care professionals and clients.

Live Local. Work Local!

We prioritise minimising the travel required to support our clients, so you can be home for your needs after a day of dedication and care for others.

A dependable support community you can trust

We Understand

We want you to feel confident and comfortable

A dependable support community you can trust

We Plan

We give you travel trips to ensure you get to your client on time

A dependable support community you can trust

We Manage

We will roster you in our local area

A dependable support community you can trust

We Improve

We will provide you with ongoing support and training

Fostering Diversity and Inclusivity at Kinder Caring

Valuing Diverse Talents and Perspectives.

Kinder Caring’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is the cornerstone of our operations. We actively seek individuals from varied backgrounds, reflecting the rich cultural diversity of Australia. Respect, empathy, and integrity are at the heart of what we look for in our team members. We honour those who are recognised for their reliability, ethical conduct, and commitment to providing exceptional care and support, which are pivotal in fulfilling our mission.

Fostering Professional Growth in Care & Support Work

At Kinder Caring, we are committed to advancing the careers of individuals passionate about caregiving. With roles for Nursing, Support Workers, and Care Workers, our focus is on providing a nurturing environment for professional development and growth.

A dependable support community you can trust

Requirements for a Fulfilling Career in Caring

Essential Experience and Qualifications

We seek candidates with 1-2 years of experience in roles such as Support Worker, Assistant in Nursing, or Care Worker. Possessing or working towards a Certificate III in Aged Care/Disability or Individual Support is highly desirable, as is studying towards a nursing qualification. We ensure the highest standards of care by requiring regular background checks including Police Checks, First Aid, CPR, WWCC, and NDIS Worker Screening Clearance. Additionally, a current Australian Driver’s License and a registered vehicle are essential, as travel is a significant part of the role.

A dependable support community you can trust

Nurturing Your Professional Journey

Tailored Work Hours and Competitive Benefits

At Kinder Caring, we understand the importance of work-life balance. We offer flexible hours of work tailored to your availability and location. The more availability you provide, the more work opportunities we can offer. Our employees benefit from a roster planned in advance, a minimum of 2-hour shift engagements, and a broken shift allowance. We also recognise the importance of travel in caregiving, providing paid travel time and paid kilometres. Our employees enjoy weekly payouts at above award pay rates, ensuring a rewarding and sustainable career path.

A dependable support community you can trust

Commitment to Learning and Development

Continuous Professional Education

We believe in the continuous professional growth of our employees. Kinder Caring offers ongoing learning and development education modules to ensure our team is up-to-date with the latest in caregiving techniques and standards. This commitment to professional development not only enhances our employees’ skills but also ensures the highest quality of care for our clients.

A dependable support community you can trust

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A dependable support community you can trust