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Brokering Supports and Services

Kinder Caring's Expert Approach

At Kinder Caring, we take pride in our role as dedicated support coordinators, specialising in brokering supports and services that align with a participant’s wishes and their plan budget within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our commitment to facilitating the connection between participants and their desired supports is unwavering. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the crucial responsibilities of a support coordinator, the intricacies of designing support approaches, and the establishment and maintenance of vital supports.

The Role of a Support Coordinator

A support coordinator plays a pivotal role in ensuring that participants receive the supports and services they need to achieve their NDIS goals. How support coordinators carry out their duties can vary depending on the participant’s unique needs and circumstances. However, the core responsibilities typically involve:

1. Planning and Coordination

Support coordinators work closely with participants to plan and coordinate their supports effectively. This involves developing a tailored approach that aligns with the participant’s specific goals and needs.

2. Designing Support Approaches

The right mix of supports and services is crucial in helping participants pursue their goals. Support coordinators at Kinder Caring assist participants in identifying their support preferences, designing a schedule of services, and identifying providers capable of meeting their needs.

3. Establishing Supports

To establish a participant’s supports, support coordinators help in creating service agreements and service bookings that reflect the participant’s support needs and preferences. This includes negotiating levels and prices of supports and services, understanding NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits, and addressing potential barriers to plan implementation.

4. Maintaining Supports

Maintaining supports is equally essential, and support coordinators work with participants to ensure that their supports continue to meet their needs. This includes regularly checking the effectiveness of supports, addressing unexpected interruptions, and facilitating transitions between providers when necessary.

Designing Support Approaches

At Kinder Caring, we believe that support approaches should be meticulously designed to cater to a participant’s unique circumstances, needs, and preferences. This process involves several key steps:

Identifying Support Preferences

Understanding a participant’s goals and preferences is the first step. Our support coordinators engage in open and meaningful conversations with participants to gain insights into their support preferences.

Creating a Service Schedule

Based on expected plan spend and the participant’s goals, we help design a schedule of services that aligns with their aspirations and requirements.

Identifying Suitable Providers

Selecting the right service providers is crucial. Our team assists participants in identifying providers who can effectively deliver the required supports and services.

Exploring Support Options

Support coordinators at Kinder Caring encourage participants to explore and trial different support options to determine what works best for them.

Evaluating Effectiveness

We continuously assess the effectiveness of different support options in meeting the participant’s needs and helping them achieve their goals.

Working with Multiple Providers

In cases where participants require support from multiple providers, we navigate the complexities to ensure a seamless and coordinated approach.

Establishing and Maintaining Supports

To establish and maintain supports successfully, our support coordinators employ a structured approach:

Creating Service Agreements and Bookings

We help participants create service agreements and bookings that reflect their specific support needs and preferences. This includes negotiating levels and prices of supports and services and understanding NDIS Pricing Arrangements.

Addressing Barriers and Risks

Our team identifies and addresses potential barriers and risks to plan implementation, ensuring that participants’ plans are carried out smoothly.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

Kinder Caring support coordinators make participants aware that they can report any concerns about the quality or safety of NDIS supports and services to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.


Kinder Caring is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the NDIS and connecting participants with the right supports and services. If you are seeking unparalleled support coordination services that prioritise your needs and goals, contact Kinder Caring today. Together, we can embark on a journey to unlock your full potential within the NDIS framework.

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