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Safe Work Statement

Kinder Caring believes that the physical and psychological health and safety of our people, visitors, contractors and customers is essential to our long-term success. We are committed to fulfilling organisation and legal health and safety responsibilities by implementing and maintaining policies, procedures and practices to provide a healthy and safe place of work.

This WHS Statement will apply to the organisation workplaces and to employees, contractors, visitors and the public. The organisation is commitment to the effective implementation of this Statement and its Health and Safety Management Systems as outline in the organisation manual. This statement will help the organisation achieve a safe work environment for all management, workers, contractors, visitors and the public. The organisations will meet its commitment to health and safety by:

  • Acknowledging our legislative requirements and ensuring safety and compliance as the minimum acceptable standard.
  • The organisation Management proactively implementing their health and safety due diligence requirements in line with the legislative requirements.
  • Holding management responsibility and accountability for the health, safety and wellbeing of workers, contractors, visitors and the public.
  • Implementing health and safety risk management processes for the control of workplace hazards that are consistent with the risk profiles of the organisation’s workplaces and activities.
  • Developing relevant and measurable objectives and targets across the organisation to ensure continuous improvement aimed at the elimination of work related risk, injury and illness.
  • Providing information, training, instruction and supervision to employees to ensure they have the skills and competencies required to safely undertake their roles.
  • Effectively disseminating relevant health and safety information to all employees, visitors and contractors.
  • Providing consultative arrangements for employees and contractors to ensure constructive input into the decision-making processes impacting on work health and safety within the organisation where appropriate.
  • Carrying out thorough investigations of incidents and injuries, according to legislation to maintaining a fair and equitable claims management process and for the rehabilitation of injured parties.
  • Ensuring that all applicable contractual arrangements for the supply of goods and services for compliance with work health and safety requirements.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the performance of Work Health and Safety Management Systems.
  • Providing wellbeing programs and initiatives that encourage our employees to maintain a physically and psychologically healthy lifestyle.
  • Monitoring, measuring and reporting health and safety performance on a regular basis.
  • Ensuring adequate resources and expertise are provided for the implementation of this Statement and the underlying management systems.
  • Monitoring and changing legislation in accordance with the government changes.

WHS Act 2011

WHS Regulation 2011

Worker Compensation Act 1987

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