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Kinder Caring is a Home Nursing Service which believes
'there is no place like home'.

Presently operating from 2 to 24 hours per day, 365 days per year in all metropolitan suburbs of Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne. We relieve families of the physical and emotional stress of the ongoing care of relatives and loved ones.

Home Care is not just about meeting clinical needs but is rather a lifestyle choice and one which we have the expertise and commitment to customise and deliver.

We recognise the feeling of well-being our clients associate with being at home in familiar surroundings with family, pets and treasured possessions as well as the importance of their independence and pride.

Unique challenges face clients and their families when providing care whether it is in their own home, a hostel or Nursing Home. It is our mission to provide the care and support to enable our clients to realise their full potential despite limitations of age, ill health or disability.

We provide each client that we care for with their own individual care plan, which is discussed at length before and during the course of our service.

Our care and nursing services cover assistance with daily activities and a range of auxiliary services and we are always available to offer prompt support 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Importantly we offer not just the best in professional nursing care, we also endeavour to match our care worker personality with that of our clients’ and maximise continuity with the same care worker whenever possible.

Our Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Personal Care Workers and Allied Health Consultants are directed by Healthcare Coordinators with extensive experience in caring for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Each member of our Care Team undergoes a comprehensive evaluation, staff screening and selection process which includes reference checks, police checks, working with children checks and interviews. Induction programs, ongoing evaluations, orientation training and other in- house training courses are part of our commitment to providing our Care Workers with up to date knowledge and skill.

All our team members have extensive insurance coverage that generally exceeds the requirements of our clients. Our support team is fully insured for workers’ compensation, professional indemnity and public liability.

Another assurance we provide for is your privacy. All members of the Kinder Caring team complete and sign confidentiality agreements.

Maintaining a level of independence and management of affairs is important so we provide a Charter of Rights & Responsibilities to clearly outline a client’s control over our service delivery.

We offer a high standard of care at all times. It is designed to meet individual needs and exceed expectations.

The whole family has had to learn to deal with Parkinson’s Disease and we really appreciated the knowledge of your nursing staff in helping us all to manage much better than we thought we would.

Chris Darling Point, NSW

Mum loved the outings with her carer, every week she would go shopping, have her hair done with her favourite hairdresser and lunch in her favourite places. She might have been in a wheelchair but having Sue made her feel she was not missing out on anything.

Sonia South Yarra, VIC

You never understand what is needed until it happens to you. Then you need to learn so much so quickly. I felt quite overwhelmed at times. When I thought I was losing it, you kept me sane and when I thought I couldn’t cope, you made certain that I did. Dad loved me for it and I love you for it. Thank you very, very much

Julie South Brisbane, QLD

We strongly believe that every client is an individual, and we endeavour to place a staff member whose personality matches the client and, if possible, has worked previously for them in order to minimise disruption to clients and their families.
We understand the reliance and importance our clients place on support services and go the extra mile to provide the best possible care.

Our Mission

The mission of Kinder Caring Home Nursing Services is to assist people to remain living in their own chosen environment despite limitations of age, ill health and disabilities.

Our care is based on the principles of compassion, justice, the preciousness of human life, the dignity of the individual and a commitment to excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring the highest quality of care to our clients so that they can continue to live in the homes they love and be accessible to significant others on a 24-hr basis. Our aim is to give whatever care is needed from 2 to 24 hours per day by;

Providing a supportive environment that cares for the spiritual and cultural beliefs as well as the emotional, physical and domestic needs of the clients.

Protecting the individual's dignity and self-respect and assisting all clients to realise their full potential.

Enhancing and respecting the freedom of choice and independence of the individual in their chosen living environment.

Educating our staff through ongoing training programmes and seminars. On the best possible caring techniques, the latest health care issues and relevant equipment available. Enabling them the resources to develop their skills and achieve satisfaction in serving others professionally.

It gives great peace of mind to know that Kinder Caring staff respect my father’s confidentiality, his rights and dignity

David Manly, NSW

Because we used Kinder Caring, Mum was able to stay at home surrounded by the things and people she loved, including her beloved dog Lucy, and at the same time she received the best support and nursing care so we never had to make the difficult decision of putting her in a nursing home.

Pamela Southport, QLD

Kinder Caring has been providing care since 1998.

Our History

Pam Blake's motivation was inspired by her experiences as an RN in a nursing home and the plight of a resident under her care.

Working in the regimented environments of hospitals and nursing homes, Pam soon found that many a patient was deprived of choices when seeking care in their old age.

Albeit being accustomed to lifestyles of choice and often privilege, those benefits were often deteriorated or out of reach when disability or the impact of ageing intervened.

With this realisation Pam decided that people deserved to have a choice. She believed that a predetermined route from a hospital to a nursing home was not necessarily in the best interests of the patients and that alternatives could be provided.

To make those alternatives feasible Pam undertook the caring role herself. Growing the business to a point where it could not be sustained by just her efforts and those of supporting friends.

With determination and motivation Pam worked toward a hospital accreditation that would confirm her commitment to continuous improvement and aspirations to be the best care provider and an employer of choice.

In 2003, Pam's efforts were rewarded when Kinder Caring gained the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) Accreditation.

From that moment on the business changed and her efforts were rewarded with a growing client base achieved from referrals rather than marketing.

What started as a small operation managed from a family home, expanded into an organisation with structure and culture, but most significantly retained the old-fashioned values that brought about its original inception.

Awards and Accreditation

Kinder Caring has been accredited since 2003, first with the highly respected Australian Council of Health Standards (ACHS).

Then since 2013, we have been Accredited to provide Attendant Care services under ACIMSS - Attendant Care Industry Management System Standards.

ACIMSS accreditation is validation that Kinder Caring, its management and staff are committed to excellence in health care with a strong and continuing focus on safety, quality and performance.

The care that we received from Sarah has been so wonderful. She was a real bonus - her care, empathy and humanity were such a help, not only to Elizabeth, but to us as well. We feel that the last 2 months at home has been all the more 'doable' with Sarah's help. Thank you!

Elizabeth Wollstonecraft, NSW

As a parent I really wanted my son to be at home as soon as possible. With professional home care he could be. I had used Kinder Caring’s services for my parents in the past and now they were available to quickly organise and meet my son’s needs. I don’t know how I would have managed without them.

Patricia Hawthorn, VIC

Providing care in a person's own home means it can be tailored specifically to their needs, rather than offering a blanket approach that suits the majority.
Care Plans designed by your Case Manager are a "living document," and are discussed at length before and during our service so that we can ensure that you continue to receive the most appropriate care.


Care Management provides a system for access to all the available and appropriate services and support to allow a Care Recipient to remain as independent as possible. Usually the needs are complex and the services which can be met are often difficult to find and which means they can be difficult to manage without the assistance of experienced Support Workers.

Care Management's role is to maximise as much independence as possible. This service can be provided ongoing or in the short term depending on the health condition and living situation of the Care Recipient.


For those clients who need a little extra help around the home Domestic Assistance services are available able to help in a variety of ways. Domestic Assistance services include basic household tasks that Support Workers can undertake. These services do not require the coordination of an Enrolled or Registered Nurse

Generally Domestic Services do not include heavy duty cleaning services such as: spring cleaning, window washing, moving furniture, cleaning walls, light fittings, curtains or ovens. If the service requires a qualified tradesperson such as an electrician or plumber you should ask your service coordinator to help organise a third party.


Home Care services can assist with activities of daily living, which you would normally undertake for yourself, but are unable to due to illness, disability or frailty. Home Care Services should comply with a Care Plan developed with you and your service provider. Home Care services do not require the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Therefore, your health should be stable and you do not require monitoring by medical personnel. In addition, your medication must be provided in an approved aid such as a Webster pack or Dosette box.


Home Nursing services do require the supervision of a Registered Nurse. Nurses provide individually tailored Care Plans that help maintain good health and wellbeing, while remaining independent in the home. Many clinical procedures can be undertaken as a one-off requirement or part of an on-going schedule in the comfort of the chosen environment, be that home, a hospice, hostel or a self-care facility.


We are extremely proud of the Case Management model that has been developed since the service began in 1998.

Our Case Managers are senior Healthcare Professionals and the single point of contact. They will develop a plan inclusive of both formal and informal supports that enhance outcomes for the clients. The client may have complex and multiple needs requiring services from various providers.

We Case Managers develop a care plan and can organise any relevant extra Allied Health Services such as Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, Physiotherapy or Diabetes Education. Any necessary home modifications can also be arranged.

Call us today at 1300 796 675 or Email us at info@kindercaring.com.au

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There really is no place like home. At Kinder Caring we will always maintain that this option is a priority choice which should not be compromised.


Hourly rates

Our hourly Weekday rates are from 8 am to 8 pm and Weeknight rates are from 8 pm to 8 am. Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday hourly rates start and end at midnight. The minimum booking is 2 hours.


per hour


The sleepover service is booked from 8 pm to 8 am and includes 4 hours of active service. Where sleepover services are provided, a care worker must be provided with a place to sleep in a separate room. During this time a care worker is available for sleep interruptions should they be required.


$300.49 per 12 hours

24 hour Live In Care

24 hour live in care for clients requiring low care with a maximum of 8 hours active care within the 24 hours timeframe. It is important to remember that during the inactive time a care worker is available should they be required for assistance.

Live In Care

$450.97 per 24 hours

Enrolled & Registered Nurses

For information about our Nursing Fees, please contact the office to discuss your options.

Even though Dad sometimes didn’t remember, the ladies at Kinder Caring did. Thanks ladies for reminding him to eat and looking after him so well

Janice Toowong, QLD

The choice and variety of services and care meant so much to mum’s quality of life, she looked good as well as felt good and this made us all feel great.

Graham Caulfield, VIC

We appreciate the importance our clients place on Kinder Caring services, and we ensure that each care worker is the best suited to the clients they support.


Staffing Nurses and Support Personnel for in-home care is very different from placing temporary staff in nursing homes and hospitals. We don't send just anyone to fill a space. In addition to providing excellence in meeting clients' clinical needs, we respect their lifestyle and spiritual needs and are sensitive to their cultural backgrounds. Therefore, we endeavour to place a staff member whose personality matches the client and, if possible, has previously worked for them in order to minimise disruption to clients and their families and to maximise continuity.

We only recruit staff with experience and with the right values to meet our clients' needs. Our consultants have backgrounds in healthcare (Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Home Care Workers) and / or recruitment experience. All Care Workers have up to date CPR and First Aid Certificates and are supported by a group of Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals with experience in caring for the elderly and people with disabilities and illnesses.

Our Human Resource and Recruitment Team ensures that each care worker candidate undergoes a comprehensive evaluation before joining our organisation. Our assessment, staff screening and selection process includes a one-on-one interview, reference checks, police checks, working-with-children checks, verbal reference checking with supervisors, induction/orientation programs, and on-going evaluation to ensure their standard of care remains high whilst they are employed through Kinder Caring.

Each member of staff must complete Orientation/Mandatory Training and are encouraged to attend other courses we hold in-house. We also conduct regular performance reviews.

To ensure our clients privacy is protected all our staff sign a Confidentiality Agreement and Privacy Statement at commencement of employment.

A huge thank you to all the nurses at Kinder Caring. Having your expertise, caring attitude and ongoing advice meant we did not have to place Dad into a nursing home or send him to hospital and therefore his last days spent with Mum and the family were very special for us all.

John Mt Waverley, VIC

There was so much more to caring for Dad than we ever thought. Kinder Caring provided everything we needed to support us, they became part of our family….. they made a difficult time so much easier for us.

Fiona Lindfield, NSW